Rails Girls Learning Tools: Update

Nearly a year passed since our last Rails Girls workshop in Hamburg and the publication of my commented link list of rails girls learning tools. The market of online learning tools expanded, so for this year’s workshop im Hamburg on 16th/17th of August, it’s time for a little update!

(link to prezi)

For everybody prefering German as a learning language, it’s good news that the Hanno-Plassner-Institut started a little web-university called openHPI offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) specialized in programming-related topics in german and english for free. There is for example an introduction to web technologies Einführung in die Web-Technologien, a course that Rails Girl Nina completed and recommended for you (it’s officially over, but you can do it in the archive mode).

You are more like the gamer type? Then there is this cute coding jump and run game Ruby Warrior which was recommended from the Rails Girls Summer of Code.

At a more commercial level, there is this new online coding school called Treehouse offering to learn ruby on rails for 25 Dollars a month. I personally didn’t try it out yet, but at least they seem to have a lot of video lessons with relevant topics.

The schools I recommended last year all widened their offers, Codeacademy meanwhile offers a complete free ruby track and Code School, who is supporting Rails Girls Hamburg with a special discount for our participants, extended their video and browser based courses. In the free beginner section, there is – beside of a revised version of the already classical „Rails for Zombies“ – for example Discover Dev Tools, which explains how you can use your browser (here chrome) for web developing, or try jQuery, about the JavaScript library that is used a lot within Rails applications.

At EdX just started the second part of „Software as a Service“, an advanced course that I recommended last year, and for newbies there will the next CS 50 Class starting January 2014.

It’s not so new, but if you like to get more practice with your terminal – which is useful for every programming stuff you do -, I’d like to recommend you the The Command Line Crash Course.

For those who want even more ruby learning material, check out iwanttolearnruby.com or the really extensive ruby and rails resources list from Tobi, both have a lot of recources that I didn’t cover now or in my previous rails learning link list article.


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